Why Kruptos Security Club?

We want everyone to be Cyber Savvy and Aware

Kruptos Security Club at HITS was started with an intention of making Cyber Security education and services available to everyone. The necessity of the hour should not be costly. During the hype of technologies and scale of adoption, the data that we have is not being utilised or stored properly which often leads to a breach.
We believe that Security is our shared responsibility and making that happen is our goal.

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Our education follows a practical oriented learning path.

There is no text or hand books for reference. We've got amazing curated learning path that will give a solid base to top knowledge on what matters the most. Our custom labs engage you into a full fledged hands on experience.

Application security

Our team of experts are very good at finding the most prominent to rarely found bugs on your applications. But we are not restricted to only applications. We can go down to all the seven layers of OSI.

What we offer

Web Development

Security focused responsive and SEO friendly web development. We tailor custom websites or applications according to your taste and need.

Application security

Ranging from all the top ten vulnerabilities we also look out for other potential, logical bugs found in web, mobile applications.

Network security

Networks don't speak the way you speak. We can deal with them. Our team has got the potential to get hands dirty with the critical part of your systems.

Interested in working with us ?

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