Educational Initiatives


The place where only hands-on matters and nothing else

The CNCD aims to provide practical exposure to student community. Kruptos Security Club has focused itself to achieve this by putting its effort in setting up labs with custom industry compliant software and tools for students to get hands on experience with the tools.
Students also get trained on these software and tools by the trainers of the club on their area of interest as web app security, network security, system security and system forensics...

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A brainstorming session where experts involve in discussions

Experience is the best teacher. For young budding researchers a guidance from experts is important and we make it possible by connecting with most prominent industrial cyber security experts.
BreakSec is one such workshop where Experts and Learners come together to discuss, learn and master some of the secrets from the experts. This workshop is conducted annually during Q1 of every year at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.

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Tech sessions

Domain specific discussions on community interest

A community will express interest in various topics and we come together to discuss, work out those areas and bring out ideas from community on how to progress further in those identified areas of interest.
We fondly named it IncuSec and over 7 editions have been conducted with discussions ranging from Network Audits, Web Application testing, Security tools and many others. Each discussion usually ends with a brainstorming or a practical challenge.

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Awareness Programs

Customized awareness programs for groups or individuals

No human can be right all the time. We have always been making wrong decisions in securing our data after digitization. Every country's Government has been trying to highlight the importance of Cyber Security. Many companies now conduct minimum a week of Cyber Security awareness and drills through simulation. We carry out those same activities to young children, teens, elders, homemakers, working employees, students to ensure that the upcoming generation is Cyber Aware.

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