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Security and Testing club of CNCD,HITS

Kruptos Security Club is a security and testing club of The Centre for Networking and Cyber Defense, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai. The club was inaugurated on October 6 2017 by Mr. Rizwan Shaikh, founder and CTO of Pristine InfoSolutions, Mumbai.
We work to spread awareness and maintain ethics and high standards on cyber laws and security inside and outside campus.

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  • Rizwan Shaikh, Pristine
    Rizwan Shaikh
    Founder & CTO, Pristine InfoSolutions

    To make the internet a safer place, students of HITS launched a security and testing, student technical club.

  • Sriram, Primefort
    Sri Ram
    Director, Primefort

    Kruptos team works with a mission for betterment of Cyber Security in individual's life. I wish all success to the team.

  • Sundaram, Honest Media
    Co-founder, Honest Media

    The team is energetic, willing and passionate, taking Cyber Security to the next level being students at HITS.

  • Velayutham Selvaraj
    Director, TwinTech Solutions

    Kruptos Security Club at HITS is exciting, fun, helpful, and ready for students to learn about a new cyber era.

What others say about us

Through our outreach and partnered awareness and other training programs many of who attended our sessions liked us. We deliver the best of the Cyber Security education, awareness and best practises for all.


  • To bring awareness among community in Cyber Security and educate young professionals on various disciplines of Cyber Security.
  • To connect organizations and enterprises with student and young security researchers community.


  • To create a strong community of Cyber Security experts to help defend and eradicate crimes and theft in the digital age where a lot of data being generated.
  • To protect and safeguard all the data of the nation and its people.


  • To create a platform for Cyber Security researchers and enthusiasts to learn and practice real life security.
  • To make all people aware of the cyber laws and ethics of the internet and create a mindset of protecting their own data.

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